The seventeen people who, thus far, the President-elect has selected for his cabinet, or for posts with cabinet rank, have a combined wealth that exceeds $14.5 billion.  That’s billion. With a ‘b’. To give you a sense of how wealthy these people are, consider just a few examples:

Todd Ricketts’ net worth: $5.3 billion
Betsy DeVos’ net worth: $5.1 billion
Wilbur Ross’ net worth: $2.9 billion
Linda McMahon’s net worth: $1.16 billion

Taken together, the riches of the President-elect’s cabinet picks exceed the combined wealth of approximately 43 million American households.  That’s more one-third of the 126 million households total in the United States. How many of the adults in these households, do you think, voted for the President-elect because they believed he would fairly represent their values in the executive branch?

Is this what populism in the next White House is going to look like?

Today is the 20th day of December, 2016.

It’s not a normal day.