I had the opportunity last week to watch Ken Burns’ The War. Early in the first episode, there is this quote:

The greatest cataclysm in history grew out of ancient and ordinary human emotions: Anger and arrogance and bigotry; victimhood and the lust for power.  And it ended because other human qualities: Courage and perseverance and selflessness; faith, leadership, and the hunger for freedom, combined with unimaginable brutality, to change the course of human events. The Second World War brought out the best and the worst in a generation, and blurred the two so that they became, at times, almost indistinguishable.

That these words ring true today, 78 years after the start of World War II, is not not normal.

Have we learned nothing from our collective journey through history?

It’s Tuesday, the 17th of January. It’s 2017; not 1939. But you wouldn’t know it.