What a difference a week makes.

In seven short days, we’ve witnessed:

  1. A man many believe is a Russian asset installed as the 45th President of the United States;
  2. A boycotted inauguration;
  3. A President, who upon taking the oath of office, was in violation of the Constitution;
  4. Propaganda photos that would not be out of place in North Korea or the Soviet Union;
  5. The largest public protest, which was organized in response to what is normally a national celebration, in American history;
  6. A First Lady advertising her QVC jewelry line on the White House website;
  7. The scrubbing of information about climate change, health, and civil rights from feederal websites, including the website of the White House;
  8. The repeal of a functioning healthcare law, which provides a safety net to nearly 18 million people, without a suitable replacement;
  9. A shameful, self-aggrandizing speech in front of a monument to intelligence officers who died in service to their country;
  10. A press secretary who lies in public about trivial matters in spite of video evidence to the contrary;
  11. A morally bankrupt political strategist who introduced Americans to the fiction of “alternative facts“;
  12. Allegations by the President of voter fraud in the absence of any evidence to support it;
  13. An executive order to build a $14 billion border fence that is both inflammatory and unnecessary;
  14. An executive order to fastrack the approval of a pipeline, which the United States doesn’t need, and that will benefit Canada;
  15. A unkeepable commitment to eliminate three of every four federal regulations;
  16. Muzzled scientists and blocked research;
  17. A confirmation hearing for a prospective administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency who does not believe in the science behind climate change;
  18. Evidence that the President’s tweets, prolific but far from original or personal, are little more than him repeating what he just watched on Fox News;
  19. Hints of alt-right conservatives as potential Supreme Court nominees; and worst of all
  20. A Republican congress that is so thirsty for power that it is unwilling stand up to a President who poses a threat to American civility and democracy.


None of this is normal (though item five was incredibly heroic).

This country, which I love, is quickly becoming unrecognizable.

It’s the 27th of January in the year 2017.  It’s a only seven days since the inauguration. It feels longer.

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