What did a bumble bee ever do to the federal government, and why is it being caught up in the ridiculously named “deconstruction of the administrative state“?

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service delayed the listing of the rusty patched bumble bee as endangered, under direction from the president.

Never mind that bumble bees play an important role as pollinators because they are able to fly across a range of temperatures and light levels.

And, never mind that the United States—as well as other countries around the world—has observed a perilous decline of a wide range of ecologically important bee species.

No, what seems to matter here is that the rusty patched bumble bee offers the White House an opportunity to pander to it’s base: America can be made great again by raising the middle finger of a very, very tiny hand to some very basic, unobtrusive, and critically important environmental protections.

This is not normal.

Today is the last day of February in the year 2017.

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