Recently released emails reveal that the newly appointed administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency has an uncomfortably cozy relationship with oil and natural-gas companies.

During his tenure as attorney general for the state of of Oklahoma, Mr. Pruitt colluded with oil and gas companies and electric utilities about how best to combat federal environmental regulations designed to protect the United States’ air and water, as well as American citizens’ health.

The most troubling fact gleaned from these emails is that Mr. Pruitt allowed oil and gas companies to ghost-write letters for him to simply sign and send, on the State of Oklahoma’s letterhead, to federal officials in an effort to lobby against new and needed environmental protections being suggested by the EPA.

The emails also show that while he was attorney general, Mr. Pruitt was collaborated with a network of conservative groups, bankrolled by the Koch billionaires, owners a large oil and gas company. These are the same Koch brothers who have provided funding to the Heartland Institute, the esteemed organization where the denial of science and climate change is perpetuated. 

The job of the Environmental Protection Agency is clearly articulated it its name: environmental protection. To do its job effectively, it must draw on secular science that is free of conflicts of interest.

Does this sound like Scott Pruitt’s EPA to you?

Welcome to the first day of March, 2017.

It’s not a normal day.

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