The New York Times published a fascinating article about how propaganda can tell us a lot about the ambitions of other, often unstable, national actors.

In the case of an actor like Kim’s North Korea, this kind of analysis offers a trove of riches for the intelligence communities of nations who must prepare for every possible eventuality.
This one photo suggests that North Korea has a nuclear weapon, with a yield of approximately 20 kilotons, which is approximately equivalent to the American bombs dropped on Japan in 1945.

Kim’s nuclear weapon also has been shrunken from prior designs, making it deployable via a long-range rocket—also shown in the photograph—capable of reaching the east coast of the United States.

Kim’s wardrobe suggests a war footing for the North Korean supreme leader, and his entourage suggests that Kim alone is in control.

The photo points to an extremely dangerous future; thankfully, we live at a time when we are enjoying a surplus of thoughtful leadership and collaboration on the international stage.

Wait, what? We’re not? Damn. We could be in serious trouble here. 

This is not normal.

It’s Thursday the 2nd of March, 2017.

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