EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said yesterday that he did not believe that carbon dioxide emissions are a primary contributor to anthropogenic climate change.

Let that sink in for a second. 

These comments are not only embarrassing, they are a shameful affront to universally accepted and mainstream science.

Likewise, these remarks are an intentional effort to publicly obfuscate established facts, and to pander to the lowest common denominator amongst conservative voters; moreover, they are deliberate in their intent to depress the collective intelligence and reputation of the America people.

Worst of all, given all that’s at stake socially and economically, Scott Pruitt’s remarks border on criminally fraudulent.

To call Scott Pruitt a climate change denier lets him off the hook too easily.

In fact, Scott Pruitt, the administrator of the federal agency tasked with protecting the environment, is a denier of science.

This is not normal. Indeed, it is the modern day equivalent of the medieval belief in—and promotion of—geocentrism.

Even when I disagree, I have nothing but respect for those who accept the science and reality of climate change, but who express legitimate differences of opinion about how—or even if—it should be addressed and managed.

But I have no respect, nor time, for anyone who casts doubt—for political effect or personal gain—on established scientific phenomena.

I can’t hide how disgusted I am at these comments. And I won’t hide my contempt for Scott Pruitt and the administration that nominated him.