Make no mistake, even though Donald Trump is president, Steve Bannon is the architect behind the “deconstruction the administrative state”.

Don’t be fooled by what Bannon is proposing.  There’s no actual deconstruction happening here.

What Bannon is proposing instead, the creation of a new administrative state. And, the frightening thing is, the new administrative state that Bannon is proposing looks a lot like the administrative states put together through history by dictators and tyrants.

For example, Bannon has repeatedly referred to the mainstream media, replete with it’s fact checks and balances, as the “opposition party”.

Bannon favors cronyism over credentials: He has advocated for the appointments of government officials based on the willingness to follow orders and tow the political line, rather than because they have the requisite credentials to do the job.

Bannon has repeatedly used the phrase “economic nationalism”, which is code for old-fashioned political isolation and right-wing nationalism.

Bannon has argued for the re-militarization of the United States, and for religious tests on immigration and deportation.

And, Bannon was complicit in manipulating the election of 2016 by means that crossed the line from the work of accepted and legitimate political operatives, to outright electoral manipulation and fraud.

Indeed, everything that Steve Bannon and the president falls neatly into Laurence Britt’s characteristics of an emerging fascist regime.

The ideas and work of Steve Bannon are not normal, and they must be resisted.

It’s Monday, the 13th of March, 2017.

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