We’re nearly 60 days into a new presidential administration, coupled with a Republican majority in congress, and nothing seems to be going right.

For example:

The president has now issued two discriminatory travel bans, both of which have been blocked by the courts.

Kelly Anne Conway and Sean Spicer have turned out to be public relations nightmares for the White House, and represent a black eye for the Republican party.

The healthcare reform plans put forth by Republicans in congress has been widely panned by members of both parties, the CBO, and the public. Indeed, new reports suggest that the people who will lose the most under Republican health plan are people who supported the sitting president over Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The president has made dubious claims, and has disseminated outright lies, both of which are reminiscent of dictators and banana republics, since he took the oath of office on January 20th.

The president has struggled to fill key agency and cabinet positions.

And the worst is yet to come as the president gets set to unveil a series of draconian budget cuts—to poverty alleviation programs, international relations, healthcare, scientific research, environmental protection, public education, etc.—that will set American progress back by decades.

Is this the way to make America great again (as if it wasn’t pretty healthy and prosperous in the first place)?  Hardly. 

Today is Friday, the 17th of March, 2017. It’s not a normal day.

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