The resistance to our Dear Leader’s budget blueprint continues to build.

At its core, the budget blueprint stands in stark contrast to the principles upon which the president ran as a candidate.  The 45th president ran as a populist, promising to restore not only hope to Americans who felt left behind; he also guaranteed results.

The budget blueprint that was delivered last week shuns the needs of working-class and vulnerable Americans in favor of even more wealth and influence for America’s economic elite.

I’ll go further and characterize the budget blueprint as a series of investments in brute force and power, designed to incite and perpetuate fear among voters: Of course we must invest in the military in light of the many existential threats we face in America! What complete and utter nonsense. 

I’ll also characterize the budget blueprint as a series of divestments from evidence-based decision-making and empathy. Given the 45th president’s animosity toward President Obama, these divestments fit the profile of a man leading an assault on the analytic philosophy his predecessor was well known—and widely respected—for.

This recent response to the budget blueprint, from Congressman Ted W. Lieu says it best:

I have now reviewed Donald Trump’s first budget.  It is a ridiculous budget from a ridiculous President.  His crazy budget proposal is a disaster and it’s dangerous.

A budget isn’t just facts and figures; it’s a statement of values and vision.  Tragically, Trump’s values are apparently to assault the elderly, the middle class and the young.  Trump’s vision puts our troops at greatly increased risk, while abandoning diplomacy, development and support for fledgling democracies around the world.

In Donald Trump’s America, there’s apparently no need to make college more affordable. Pell Grants will be slashed by $4 billion and work-study programs will be cut, making it much harder for students to get an education.  In Donald Trump’s America, you better live in Trump Tower and not get sick, because federal affordable housing programs will be gutted, as will grants that fund cancer research.

In Donald Trump’s America, 26 million more people will lack health insurance and there will be a spike in domestic violence because Violence Against Women Act grants will be gutted.  And for Trump, the urgent, fierce facts of the global climate crisis are ignored. Trump will walk away from the Clean Power Plan, slash programs to develop green technology and eliminate climate change research.

With his disgraceful budget, Donald Trump has sent a clear message to every American: You’re On Your Own, Folks.   But my fellow Democrats and I have a different message: our budget proposals seek to make our nation healthier and more sustainable, more secure, more just and more inclusive.   We are ready to fight for those values and for that vision of America.

Oh, and the elimination of the Meals on Wheels program by Trump is bizarrely cruel.  I double dare the Republicans to let seniors starve.

Well said, sir.

The sitting president’s budget blueprint is a disgusting affront to the core values of America, and a slap in the face to the millions of Americans in need who voted for him.

It’s Monday, the 20th of March, 2017. It’s not a normal day.

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