I have family—not to mention a personal history—in Hungary, so I follow what’s happening there with more than just passing interest.

One thing I’ve noticed of late is the striking similarity between the policies and rhetoric of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and our own Dear Leader.

Orbán is very much the populist; hallmarks of his “leadership” are his personal fear of and contempt for a free media, animosity toward universities and intellectuals, and a strident hostility toward immigrants.

Sound familiar?

Orbán’s ascension to power was fueled by an appeal to the lowest common denominator: the fears and anxieties of poor, rural, and disenfranchised citizens. He promised to return Hungary to its time of greatness: Make Hungary great again!

Sound familiar?

(You have to go back pretty far to find Hungary’s “greatness” as defined by Orbán. Hint: look to the periods between 1301 and 1526, as well as 1867 and 1918.)

Viktor Orbán has been the Prime Minister of Hungary since 2010. Since then, Hungary’s global reputation and influence have been in decline. Of greater consequence, Hungary’s decline under Orbán’s “leadership” has resulted in body-blow after body-blow to the European Union.

Want to get a sense of what will happen in the United States over the next four years? Look to Hungary.

It’s the 20th of April, 2017. It’s not a normal day.

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