During the presidential campaign in 2016, Donald Trump boasted: “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and wouldn’t lose any voters, ok? It’s, like, incredible.”

Incredible indeed.

Now president, Trump wants to test his assertion, not simply by shooting an American on 5th Avenue, but by killing tens of thousands of his own voters across the United States. 

How will he do it?

Trump’s proposed federal budget will remove safeguards to well-being for hundreds of thousands of his own supporters.  Food stamps will be revoked, meals on wheels will be grounded, and essential services and assistance programs for the elderly and infirm will be shuttered. Scores will die prematurely as a result.

Likewise, the Republican healthcare plan that candidate Trump promised would, if passed, remove healthcare from obver 20 million Americans.  It would also increase, to unaffordable levels, the premiums for people who are already ill, or who suffer under preexisting conditions. Scores will die prematurely as a result.

And, under Trump’s vision for the EPA, which is being faithfully executed by Scott Pruitt, American’s health will be placed at further risks as a result of exposure to more dangerous pesticides, dirtier air, and contaminated water. Throw in Trump’s stance toward climate change, and American who haven’t even been born yet will suffer. Scores will die prematurely as a result.

Will Trump and the Republican Party begin to lose voters as a result of the violence upon Americans the president is inflicting?

Time will tell.

Today is Memorial Day in the United States.  Be sure to thank a veteran.

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