The security of the world rests in the hand of two men, both of whom exhibit delusions of grandeur, and questionable mental fortitude and judgment.

North Korea has conventional artillery in place, which could obliterate large chunks of the South’s capital, Seoul, a city of nearly ten million people. It could also easily level the city with its exiting nuclear arsenal.

North Korea also has medium range, nuclear-capable missiles that could level cities as far away as Japan, killing tens of millions more.

And now, North Korea possesses an ICBM capable of reaching as far as Alaska.

What does America have?

A president with zero foreign policy experience, hundreds of unfilled government positions, a rookie Secretary of State, and a propensity for bad decision-making.

Sure, the United States has nuclear weapons too. But, they don’t help in this situation; not unless the endgame is a nuclear holocaust.

Many predicted that we’d find ourselves in exactly this predicament when Donald Trump was campaigning. I’ll bet none of those who did are happy today that they were right.

It’s Thursday, July sixth, 2017. It’s not a normal day.

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