What does it say about the health of America’s federal government when its top ethics watchdog is forced to resign because the environment in which he works is so unethical, he can no longer do his job?

Walter Shaub had been one of the very few people within the federal government who was willing willing to stand up to Donal Trump, his family, and his advisers.  While he had few successes in the job since Trump took office in January, he persisted with following through on the laudable and necessary (for both parties) agenda of the Ethics Office.

It is now up to Donald Trump to appoint Mr. Shaub’s successor.

You can bet he’ll appoint someone who’ll gladly look the other way when faced wth Trump’s many questionable business, personal, and policy relationships.

This is not normal.

TGIF for it’s the 7th of July, 2017.

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