And now, this:

It’s a lie.

This most recent idiotic tweet from Donald Trump was based on a Fox News story, which he watched just minutes before sending it. In the inaccurate story, Fox News quoted Gen. Tony Thomas, who said that information about lead on Mr. Baghdadi’s whereabouts was leaked in 2015 by [the New York Times].

The truth?

Information that tipped Mr. Baghdadi’s off to the fact that the U.S. military was closing in was made public by a Pentagon news release more than three weeks before being covered by several news media outlets.  There’s no reason to blame the military here, just as there’s no reason to blame the Times.  In reporting on a series of other raids, both the military and the media would have given clear indications to Mr. Baghdadi and his associates that they were being pursued.

However, there is a reason to ask a critical question: Donald Trump has access to one of the most complex and highly networked intelligence services in the word, if not the most complex and highly networked intelligence services in the word.

So, why is he still getting what amounts to intelligence briefings from the entertainers at Fox News?

Happy Monday. It’s the 24th of July, 2017.

It’s not a normal day.

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