Early this morning, a Navy destroyer, the John S. McCain, was streaming toward Singapore when it collided with a 600-foot transport vessel, the Alnic MC.  The collision occurred in the crowded, and notoriously difficult-to-navigate, Strait of Malacca.

As of this writing, ten Navy sailors are missing, and another five were were injured in the collision.

When asked to comment about the collision, Donald Trump’s response to a reporter was, “that’s too bad.

This is not normal.

Even if Trump was not fully briefed on the situation, there are dozens of better responses from a president.

How about something like, “we’re deeply concerned about the fate of the sailors on board the John S. McCain, and we’re monitoring the situation closely.”

Or, maybe, “I’ve only just learned of this incident, and the White House will be responding with information as it becomes available. In the meantime, I’ve wishing for good news, and I ask everyone to do the same.

Is a little sincere compassion, and a modicum of decorum, too much to ask for from the President of the United States?

Today is the 21st of August, 2017.