The Calgary International Airport recently sold the rights to parking spaces for disabled drivers, which were close to the airport entrance, to Lexus Canada, and subsequently converted them to non-disabled, Lexus-onwers-only parking spots.


This is not normal. And, you can’t make this sh*t up.

I used to live in Calgary, and loved the city and my neighbors. But, over the nearly five years that I was there, I noticed many instances of what I would characterize as a “frontier attitude” toward transparency, fairness, common sense, and defensibility in decision-making.

It appears that, in the years since I’ve been away, this attitude persists in some high-profile circles.

(To their credit, the Calgary International Airport immediately addressed, and apologized for, their insensitivity. However, it’s fair to say that this was a decision that should have never been made in the first place.)

It’s Thursday, the 24th of August, 2017.

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