Hurricane and, later, Tropical Storm Harvey has devastated parts of Texas, and the end is just barely coming into view.

More than 30,000 people have been forced into shelters.

Over 200,000 people have registered with FEMA for assistance.

And, sadly, 31 people have, this far, lost their lives.

So, you’ll have to excuse me for being dismayed at Donald and Ivanka Trump for holding a campaign-stye event in front of evacuees in Texas when they visited the state on Tuesday.

The two Trumps arrived in Texas looking more like they were making a weekend getaway to the Hamptons.


Worse, at an evacuation center near Corpus Christi, Trump boasted, “[w]hat a crowd. What a turnout.”  As if they had a choice. 

None of this is normal. But it’s all too familiar.

It’s the final day of August, 2017. See you in September.

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