Donald Trump’s administration has begun the process of repealing President Obama’s Clean Power Plan, which was designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and address the very real risks and consequences of climate change.  Another wrinkle: Trump and Scott Pruitt will ask the public and industry to recommend alternatives for its replacement. (Yeah, that’s not going to work… Let’s call it what it is: pandering.)

At the same time, Pruitt’s EPA is planning to end a collaborative program with the Justice Department that supports lawsuits filed against polluters.  If this plan is enacted, it will effectively remove congress and the courts from decisions about the most critical cases of enforcement directed at protecting human and environmental health.  Who would have the final say in these case? Donald Trump’s administration.

This is not normal.

The level of distain and disrespect displayed by Donald Trump and Scott Pruitt for human and environmental health (not to mention American democracy) is staggeringly high.  People in the United States, today and into the future, will pay a steep price for their carelessness and shortsightedness.

A bigger irony: The people who will suffer the most from these plans are people in the “forgotten” parts of the United States; the parts of the country where it’s relatively easy to endanger the health of citizens because few people are looking, and fewer still seem to care.

A lot of these people were Trump voters.

Trump promised them he cared, and that he would look out for them.

He lied.

It’s Friday, the 6th of October, 2017.

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