The Environmental Protection Agency is spending almost $25,000 of taxpayers money to build a soundproof phone booth for Administrator Scott Pruitt.  No previous EPA administrators had such a setup.

Why would Pruitt want such a phone booth?

According to an article at, Pruitt thinks of himself as a wartime general in hostile, occupied territory, with only a few loyal staff. (Sort of like Kim Jong Un, I guess.)

Bolstering this view is Pruitt’s penchant for taking flights home on military aircraft, and his around-the-clock security force of 18 armed men. Pruitt’s security detail costs twice as much as his his predecessors’ did, and has not been justified by any risk assessment warranting its deployment.

This line from the Vox article sums Pruitt up neatly:  In many ways, Pruitt is a more concentrated and effective version of Trump: just as tribal, just as paranoid, but with a genial manner, a smiling face, and enough focus to avoid pointless controversies.

This is not normal.

It’s Tuesday, October the tenth, 2017.

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