It’s no secret that Donald Trump and Scott Pruitt are waging war on the Clean Power Plan, as well as on the progressive (and multi-national) climate action agenda.  Both men have said that they’re doing it to resurrect that coal industry in the United States.

So, I’ve gotta’ ask: How’s it working out so far?

Towns like Homer City, PA, continue to suffer nearly a year after Trump was elected. Coal-fired power-plants are being phased out by utilities, and the coal industry is solidifying its position as a pariah among investors.

Rob Nymick is the borough administrator for Homer City, and he worries about the livelihoods well-being of the borough’s residents as the local power-plant emerges from its second bankruptcy.

But of Trump’s and Pruitt’s plans to resurrect the coal industry, he says, “I’m not sold on the fact that the war on coal is putting that power plant out of business.” He points instead at the fossil fuel’s inability to compete on price with natural gas, solar and wind energy.

If we really want to help people who once relied on the coal industry for their livelihoods, the challenge before us is accelerating America’s energy transition; it’s not to look for ways to turn back the economic and technological clock.

It’s Friday, the 20th of October, 2017. It’s not a normal day.

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